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          China Printed Circuit Association Introduction

          China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) is thenational grade one association approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of thePeople’s Republish of China .CPCA is Established in June 1990, CPCA members mainly consist ofPCB producers, CCL and material suppliers, special equipment manufacturers, SMTand EMS suppliers and related colleges and research institutes. CPCA has ninenational grade two branch associations and 900 members.
          CPCA is one of the founding organizations of WorldElectronics Circuit Council. WECC members also include IPC of US, JPCA of Japan,EIPC of EU, KPCA of Korea, ELCINA,IPCA of India, ,THPCA of Thailand ,China HKPCA and China Taipei TPCA.
          CPCA organizes enterprises to participate in thedevelopment of CPCA and WECC standards; composes joint standards with IPC and JPCA; participates in the development of standard custom tariff terms and the unitconsumption standards; publishes printed circuit information newspapers andmagazines; hosts International Electronic Circuits (shanghai) Exhibition and International Electronic Circuits (shenzhen) Exhibition ; holds annualSpring and Autumn international PCB information/Technology forums; conductsworkers skill training and organizes different kinds of lectures; carries outindustry survey and issues annual industry development report; releases the annual China Electronic Circuits Industry  List etc.